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I have been building Miniature Model Steam Engines for 65 years as farm kid from a small town in Wisconsin where the blacksmith

shop was still powered by a vertical Steam Engine with a governor and a boiler feed pump. I made scrap metal steam engines with

compression lid paint can boilers until I saw a ad for Miniature Model Steam Engine castings from Coles Power Models in CA. in1949 

That was for a Stuart Model Mill engine casting set. I spent the whole winter learning how to machine the engine from castings with much help.

I hope to sell some of my engines complete with extras not available through most suppliers such as Flyball Governors, drive pulleys, scale hex

 head bolts, studs/nuts, special flywheels, and crank driven boiler feed pumps. As a machine shop I can offer my Model engines complete with

extras. I am sort of picky about being as original as I can be considering their size. These Miniature Model Steam Engines are not toys I treat them like

they are history part of our heritage they were the beginning of the industrial revolution

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We sell our engines through eBay  under   theengineshop218


            Pictures above are the P.M. Research number 7 Miniature Model Steam Engine with our flyball governor being tested.

It's funny how time has changed the way we think and talk for example last year my grandson was here in The Engine Shop

we were watching a steam engine I just repaired for a customer when I made the comment she's runnin balls out. In my day

it meant governed speed the governor balls are straight out from the look on my grandson's face it meant something totally different to him




The Above pictures are of a display I built Many years ago. The Stuart Model Steam Engine with a Governor is a Victoria which is a beautiful 

very slow running engine easy to build model of low pressure steam engine from the mid 1800's. In the back ground is a P.M. Research number

5 vertical steam engine powering a dynamo in the late 1880's which gave them lights so they could make the workers stay late and do more.

Before OSHA and Unions.  Manual boiler feed pump castings from P.M. Research in front of a Stuart Models SV4 boiler Butane fueled.

1/12 scale machine shop tools from P.M. Research castings not shown in these pictures.







The above pictures are of our new horizontal model steam engine with a actual operating governor

able to control max engine speed and increase power under load

email    with any questions